Data for Work

At SDG Systems, we design hardware and software barcode scanning solutions for Android. Our rugged handheld and tablet devices have integrated barcode scanners, Bluetooth scanners, USB scanners and camera-based solutions. Software solutions include Barliman, our Barcode List Manager; and software from partner iFormBuilder.

Barliman screenshot

EPX-B Barcode

EPX for Barcode Scanning (EPX-B) is our barcode-scanning solution for Android. It supports phone camera, laser, and imaging barcode scanners and works over USB and Bluetooth. EPX-Barcode provides enterprise-quality barcode scanning libraries with multi-driver support.


Barcode List Manager (Barliman) for EPX-B allows you to scan barcodes into lists that you create, edit and share, using any barcode scanner supported by the EPX-B barcode scanning framework.


EPX for RFID (EPX-R) is a set of source code building blocks designed for manufacturers of mobile or embedded hardware who wish to provide full RFID functionality (LF, HF, UHF) on Android-based platforms.