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The Trimble Yuma runs Windows 7 or Linux

Trimble Yuma on Desk

Trimble, the world leader in outdoor rugged computing, brings you the Yuma rugged tablet computer, able to survive in even your challenging work environment. Safeguard your software and data in the face of dust, sand, mud, humidity and extreme temperature. If this sounds like your everyday outdoor rugged reality, take a closer look at the Trimble Yuma rugged tablet computer. See how easy it is to conduct inspections, collect information, capture photos and communicate with headquarters, all with the assurance that your data is protected.

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The Trimble Yuma rugged tablet was designed to be fully functional in any outdoor environment – no matter how extreme. The first challenge with computing outdoors is keeping the elements out. Yuma has an ingress protection rating of 67 (6=dust tight; 7= protection against effects of immersion from 15cm to 1m). Why this level of protection? Dust on electronic components can lead to overheating, moisture wicking, and reduced electrical conductivity. Water (either penetration or condensation of humidity) may short electrical components, causing permanent damage if the unit is powered on.

The second challenge is protection against shock, vibration, and extreme temperature fluctuation. Outdoor rugged design means your computer keeps working when you jump out of the vehicle to do work in the middle of a winter cold snap, or when you need to seek refuge from desert heat in an air conditioned vehicle. Outdoor work tends to be active and transitory. Tail gates make great desktops. They also have an increased risk of drop. The Yuma’s design incorporates a solid state hard drive to eliminate moving parts and provide additional protection against the stress of impact and vibration.

Your One Computer Solution

What can you do with a Trimble Yuma rugged computer that features an Intel Atom 1.6 GHz processor, integrated WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, two digital cameras, as well as SDIO and ExpressCard slots? With just this one computer you can... 

  • Collect and exchange data – lots of data
  • Transfer data in real time
  • Run reports
  • Receive dispatch orders on the road
  • Take geo-tagged photographs
  • Initiate VOIP communications
  • Add secure memory for sensitive files
  • Send email
  • Write a report
  • Find your way out of the forest
Trimble Yuma on Grass


Whatever computing projects your work requires and wherever your work takes you, the Yuma rugged tablet meets the challenge. Go from the office to the truck to the field and back with one mobile computer.

Hello Outdoor Rugged

Whether your office is an oil drilling rig, a military outpost, a fire station, a warehouse, a barn, or a muddy log truck, the Yuma rugged tablet gives you everything you need to get the job done. Tough-as-nails survivability and uncommon versatility merge to create the ultimate one-computer solution. Trade your desktop PC in for a Trimble Yuma rugged tablet computer – designed for the rugged life you lead.

Optional Office Dock

The Trimble® YumaTM Rugged Tablet office docking station works just like that of a regular laptop. Simply slide the Yuma rugged tablet into the docking station and immediately experience all-in-one connectivity to your monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer, and network. No hassles. Click for datasheet.

Key Features

  • Intel Atom 1.6 GHz processor
  • 32 GB solid state hard drive
  • Integrated WiFi b/g
  • Integrated Bluetooth 2.0
  • Integrated GPS
  • Available Dock (option)
  • 2 integrated cameras
  • ExpressCard slot
  • SDIO slot
  • Outdoor rugged design
  • 7" sunlight readable touchscreen display
  • Light Weight (2.6 lb. with standard batteries)
  • Windows 7 Professional
  • Ubuntu Linux Option available