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What is Android (AOSP)?

AndroidCircle50.pngSome of the Android-based products sold by SDG Systems use Google's AOSP. AOSP stands for Android Open Source Project. It is the open-source version of Android™ (the trademark version of Android sold on devices that include Google Play). AOSP applications are compatible with Android applications, unless the application uses Google Play Services or other incompatible Java libraries (.jar files). From the user's and developer's perspective, AOSP appears to be almost the same as Android. Android simply extends AOSP by including access to Google's Play Services and Store (formerly, Android Market), and Android phones include some Google-specific applications, like Maps. Applications may still use the Maps API with AOSP. SDG Systems is working toward being able to offer the Play Store and include Google Maps with all of our products.

What advantages does Android have over other operating systems?

Android has many advantages over other operating systems. Some of these advantages are as follows:


  • Multi-tasking environment with modern user interface
  • Rich programming environment (e.g. browser component with HTML5, Maps, etc.)
  • Multi-platform development environment (Eclipse runs on PCs, Macs, and Linux)
  • No 32MB application limitation, like Windows Mobile
  • Open source flexibility (remove unwanted applications or settings)
  • SDK and NDK flexibility allows for both Java and C language programming

SDG Systems has further enhanced Android to enable a kiosk mode which allows a developer to present only their application to the user, effectively creating a single-purpose device without distractions from games or giving the ability to change system settings. SDG Systems has also extended Android to support wired Ethernet network connectivity, including the use of an Ethernet cradle on the BIP-6000. Military features are also available, like flash zeroization and connection to military radios.

SDG Systems offers the ability for you to have a custom Android environment. Please contact us for more information.

 Developers click here for more information.

arrow-right.png Featured Android Software Solutions

  • GeoJot+ - Field Data Collection Software (available from SDG Systems - contact us)
  • Cargotel - Transportation Management Software
  • iFormBuilder - Forms-based Data Collection Software and Service