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EPX Framework

Enterprise Platform eXtensions for Android

What is the EPX Framework™?

The EPX Framework™ for Android is a standard, modular software implementation that interfaces with advanced, enterprise hardware such as RFID or barcode scanning. EPX is an acronym for Enterprise Platform eXtensions. EPX provides an Android layer for presenting user settings and programming interfaces, a native layer for system-level functionality, like hardware triggers and keyboard wedge, and a plug-in architecture for interfacing with hardware. An EPX Software Developer's Kit (SDK) provides tools needed by application developers, and works with Eclipse.

arrow-right.png EPX Framework for Barcode Scanning (EPX-B)

arrow-right.png EPX Framework for RFID (EPX-R)

EPX Framework for Barcode Scanning (EPX-B)

Motorola_SE4750_Front_300.jpegEPX for Barcode Scanning (EPX-B) implements a set of modules for using and controlling hardware barcode scanners. It is designed for manufacturers of mobile or embedded devices that utilize such scanners. EPX-B for Android implements functionality required by vendors, yet is easy to use by developers, enabling quick access to hardware functions such as hardware triggers, keyboard wedge, and symbologies.

The EPX-B framework currently has scanning drivers available for barcode scanning engines from Symbol (formerly Motorola Solutions, now Zebra, using SNAPI, the Symbol Native API), Honeywell and Intermec.

EPX-B Brochure


EPX-B Apps on Google Play


Contact our support team for information about the EPX-B software developer kit (SDK).


EPX-B Introductory Video
Watch the video below to get an overview of our EPX-B software and its features. 



EPX-B Architecture

The Enterprise Platform eXtensions for Barcode Scanning provide a modular approach to adding barcode scanning to Android. The SDK supports Eclipse and Android Studio, ensuring that your developers will be quickly adding barcode scanning support to your application.

EPX-B Scanning Architecture.png



EPX Framework for RFID (EPX-R)

ThingMagic_M6e-300.pngEPX for RFID (EPX-R) is a set of source code building blocks designed for manufacturers of mobile or embedded hardware who wish to provide full RFID functionality on Android-based platforms. Unlike common approaches that require in-house development of new, proprietary integration code, EPX-R provides market-proven, full-featured modules. The EPX-R code implements the required functionality, greatly reducing the time, cost, and risk of developing your RFID solution. The growth of APEX-based applications gives your products access to a larger application ecosystem.





EPX-R Architecture

EPX is designed to fit cleanly and efficiently into the existing Android software. In the following diagram, you can see the various components. Contact us about how we can help bring your project to reality in an efficient manner.


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