Data for Work

Your data is the lifeblood of your work. It tells you “when”, “where”, “how many”, and much more. But doing something meaningful with your data can be a challenge. SDG Systems can help you collect the data, connect it to your internal systems, control the access to that data and your devices, and even customize solutions to meet your needs.

EPX-B example


EPX Software - Enterprise Platform Extensions for Android

Our EPX software provides a consistent way to access the data collection peripherals that are connected to your Android smartphone. EPX-Barcode is a library that collects barcode data from your device’s camera or an external USB barcode scanner, like those from Zebra Technologies or Code Corporation. EPX-RFID can read UHF RFID tags using the Trimble Juno T41.

Barliman - Barcode List Manager

Barliman is our barcode list management utility. It uses our EPX software and advanced Android system libraries to read (scan), manage and share lists of barcodes. Barliman can now be used in different workflows by recording time and location data. The lists are stored locally and can be shared with other users. We are enhancing it to provide even more capabilities in the near future.


Coming soon! Need Barliman to store barcode and location data to the cloud? Contact us about our upcoming enhancements.


Coming soon! Use our Device Owner Launcher for Android to control access to your business-only devices.


Our professional services team can work with you to enhance your existing apps or build you a custom app to integrate with your workflows. Our experience with Firebase and Zapier allows us to quickly take your data to the cloud, then integrate it with your business processes and systems.