Blue ID-Engine

RFID, Barcode and Beacon support for Android

Android does not provide full support for hardware barcode scanners, RFID readers or other devices. Blue ID-Engine, formerly EPX, provides a set of libraries (SDK) and drivers for Android. Our middleware will help you easily integrate barcode scanning, RFID, or other hardware into your application or hardware solution.

Blue ID-Engine supports RFID and barcode readers from multiple vendors. While most barcode scanning or RFID SDKs for Android focus on just one thing, either working with the vendor’s own hardware or, for barcodes, just the device camera, our commitment is to be flexible, working with the hardware that you need to support.

RFID tags and barcodes

Unmatched Flexibility

Use Blue ID-Engine for RFID if you need a proven, native Android solution to read Gen2 or ATA UHF tags. Our ID-Engine can read hundreds of tags per second.

Use Blue ID-Engine for barcode scanning if you would like to use either hardware or camera scanners, or if your hardware scanners are from different manufacturers.

Meets a Variety of Needs

Blue ID-Engine has been used in a variety of Android solutions that may meet your needs. Examples include:

  • Embedded solutions for tracking or access control (e.g. Elo Backpack)
  • Kiosk solutions for retail and hospitality (e.g. Elo displays)
  • Mobile solutions like the Trimble Nomad 5
  • Fixed industrial solutions like using a Samsung Tab Active 2 on a RFID-enabled forklift

The Blue ID-Engine Story

Blue ID-Engine was born out of our experience with Android porting. As we integrated Android into different hardware platforms, we were amazed by the number of different barcode scanners and RFID readers that did basically the same thing, but all had different APIs. We recognized that this would be frustrating for application developers, so we created a common API that controls hardware from different manufacturers. Blue ID-Engine can fully control readers from Honeywell, Zebra, Code, ThingMagic, and Impinj (Indy), and can be implemented for other hardware brands. In addition to barcode and RFID, our flexible device manager can support other types of USB hardware such as biometric sensors or magnetic stripe readers.

While it's tempting for engineers to develop all of the code on their own, greater value can be realized by utilizing pre-built components and combining them into a unique solution.

Hardware programming can be a time sink, hurting your bottom line. Use the Blue ID-Engine libraries to get your solutions to market quickly. We will provide you with sample source code and timely support responses.

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