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How would we work with you? Development time on an application can vary greatly depending on the requirements. We do our best to work with clients to understand their needs from technical, budgetary, and timeline perspectives. Our development process is as client-oriented as we can make it, with a leaning towards the ‘Agile’ project management approach. Here is a basic outline of our process:

  • We launch with an initial requirements-gathering phase, which is designed to provide the engineers with enough information to be able to make a reasonable estimate of the range of time a project will take and to generate a high-level project plan.
  • Once the estimate and cost have been approved by the client, an intensive requirements-gathering phase begins, which is often coupled with proof-of-concept work with any elements of a project that we foresee to be technically challenging.
  • With a good idea of what the client wants in hand, we put together formal documentation detailing screen flow, database design and any other specific technical pieces that are important to the project such as defining how data will be transferred or how a piece of hardware will interact with the larger system. The documentation then becomes our guideline with how the project will progress.
  • Project development continues in tight 'sprints' which are usually 2-3 weeks long with the end goal of delivering software functionality to the client which can be immediately tested and verified.

Each sprint begins with the development team determining their goal for the sprint , then revisiting the requirements with the client in order to ensure complete understanding of the needs for the current sprint and how they fit with the project as a whole. Generally, sprints will contain communication with the client, development process, testing, documentation and delivery. With this process we are able to quickly ascertain project status, ‘requirements shift’ and quality. The result is a productive and transparent conversation about client needs and how to specifically meet them along every step of the project timeline.


We've been implementing software systems on Android mobile devices since 2009 and Android 1.5. We've developed applications utilizing GPS, serial, barcode scanning, RFID, Bluetooth technology, etc., using modern interface design. Our SDG Commerce application demonstrates our ability to interface with web technologies, local databases, and other mobile technologies, and integrate cleanly into Android.

Our team members have degrees in computer science and mathematics, including some with advanced degrees. As general development consultants, we have worked in many different verticals and have been able to quickly shift to understanding information spread across a varied spectrum of applications including general data collection, transportation, military psy-ops, coal mine safety, crop insurance, and wildfire management; we take pride in our ability to rapidly acquire domain knowledge and understanding. In some areas, our knowledge is deep. For example, one of our senior engineers was a Bioinformatician at a cancer research institute for over 10 years. During that time, he co-authored several peer-reviewed papers and worked with molecular biologists every day.


Our clients say it best:

"[SDG's engineers] were very helpful in creating a stand alone application and changes were made very fast to get operation working right away." - Jon Knorr, Johnson Controls
"I am impressed by and pleased to be working with your team. The quality of their work, professionalism, and willingness to get things done on time or ahead of schedule has been exemplary." - Jason Clark, Astronics

Read our Astronics case study here.

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