We offer a wide variety of application-appropriate rugged devices from reliable manufacturers, including handhelds, tablets, barcode scanners, and IoT equipment.

Hardware Products


We carry a wide range of rugged handhelds, from the Bluebird BIP-6000 to the Arbor Gladius 5. Some have barcode-scanning capabilities, and all have IP ratings from IP65 to IP68. These handhelds are ideal for the agricultural, construction, transportation, hospitality, and mining industries, among others.



The Ricoh G800SE rugged digital camera is water-resistant, dust-resistant, and chemical-resistant. You can use the memo fields on the camera to embed barcode, GPS, and your own unique data.



We carry rugged tablets from Bluebird, Trimble, XPlore and Arbor. These tablets provide a versatile, field-proven ruggedness for your work team.


Bluetooth Devices

Our bluetooth devices are manufactured by Bluebird and ATID. Bluebird models include the the BI-300 and the BI-500. The ATID AT288N provides Bluetooth RFID functionality in a compact device and can read both Gen2 and ATA RFID tags.

BM-150R battery


We carry a full line of accessories for Bluebird Pidion and Trimble products, even discontinued ones like the Bluebird BM-150R, also known as the Schlage HHD (Handheld Device). You can find more accessories in our online store