SDG Systems Enhances Enterprise Platform Extension Barcode Scanning Software (EPX-B) for Android with Bluetooth Device Support and Document Capture

January 28, 2015

SDG Systems has recently enhanced its enterprise barcode scanning software for Android (EPX-B) by adding support for Bluetooth scanners and document capture functionality. The new functionality augments the existing camera and USB scanning capabilities providing a broad scanning solution for application developers and device manufacturers.

SDG Systems, a leader in system software and operating system support for Android on enterprise platforms, recently announced the upcoming release of EPX-B 2.0. The new software supports the use of Bluetooth barcode scanners in addition to the already-supported camera scanning and USB barcode scanners. Additionally, the Symbol USB scanners were enhanced to support document capture functionality.

Other services offered by SDG Systems include Android porting, systems integration, device driver implementation, and application development.

About SDG Systems

SDG Systems delivers innovative, customizable, Android and Linux solutions, specializing in rugged and mobile computers. SDG provides superior technical support, software customizations, and complete solutions. SDG is a leader in the implementation of Google Android solutions on rugged and embedded devices since 2009 and has been developing and supporting Linux system software since 2001.

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