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Mobile hardware can vary greatly in ruggedness and price. We help you select quality, rugged mobile handhelds, tablets, and bluetooth scanners, with a focus on value. You will have the hardware that's right for your needs.

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Many companies' software teams are short-handed or lacking in specific expertise. Our experienced software engineers can help your team by building mobile or web apps or by developing full-featured solutions. Our capabilities are broad.

Developing RFID or barcode solutions from scratch can be costly in both time and money. Our Blue ID-Engine software is built for Android and supports a variety of scanners and readers. Companies who use ID-Engine can get to market more quickly.

“SDG Systems has been one of the best vendors I have ever worked with - they are patient, they ask the right questions, they work extremely hard to make sure they understand the application for what they are building, they are very responsive…. It has been great working with SDG, and I really hope we can work with them for many years into the future.”

- Justin Harper, Tribogenics

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